(Once Upon A Dream)

Paroles : Romain ISOARD

© September 2016 Romain Isoard

℗ September 2016 Romain Isoard
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There’s no place I’d rather be

Wherever it would be

Home is where tight you hold me

You help me find joy in the ordinary

You help me find joy in the ordinary

O.U.A.D (x8)

I wanna fly like an eagle
I wanna play like a niddle

On your body, your records

I’ll let you be my beauty mark

I’ll let you sail my blood flow

A dove taming a nighthawk

See the extraordinary

Hear the sound of the galaxy

Get on my back and feathers

O.U.A.D (x11)


Start all over again

No synchronized zombies

On a sonic spaceship

Let’s leave this no man’s land

Made of humain remains

No belongings no banks

I’ll build a rocket for the ants

Better version of yourself

Cancel Erase Rewind Start Again

I take you to a place

Where dreams don’t need money To come true

Cancel Erase Rewind Start Again

Expandable souls Let me break your mold

Cancel Erase Rewind Start Again

The truth is above We’re not here to be there

Cancel erase rewind Start again (x6)

Cancel Cancel Cancel Start Again


Once upon a dream
With you new and clean
It feels like home
-You’re a prisoner-
On this astral journey

-Invaders love explorers-
Home is not 4 walls and a roof

-You can lean on me-
Home is your eyes

and your heartbeat

For you, I’ll trade metric for cosmic